Friday, October 24, 2008

impressions and expressions about NYC

new york is book country
new york is starting to
new york is a new york gambling casino boat bringing las
new york is global internet capital; london
new york is getting a museum on sex
new york is finding
new york is nuked
new york is no place for olympics
new york is family friendly
new york is starting to feel like brezhnev's moscow
new york is still new york ­ for the lebanese now more so
new york is the quick and easy way to sell your car
new york is book country names new
new york is the work of
new york is
new york is the
new york is first state to regulate mdp
new york is not enough
new york is the poster boy for nation's urban
new york is "invincible"
new york is only us state to spend more on public
new york is doing
new york is the east coast's finest craft brewing show
new york is a free reservation
new york is now more convenient with online
new york is book country celebrates 24 years as the country's premier book festival
new york is book country returns september 25th
new york is currently holding billions of dollars in unclaimed funds
new york is starting to feel like brezhnev's moscow public debate in america has now become a question of loyalty jonathan steele thursday may 16
new york is the only "short excursion" "cruise to nowhere" that offers a full "las vegas" style casino opening in less than 30 minutes time from
new york is committed to rescuing our democracy from the strangle
new york is a land of great scenic beauty
new york is dedicated to bringing some of the best of new york to the rest of the us
new york is a densely packed mass of humanity
new york is now available
new york is still downtown
new york is a great place for small business ? and so do our clients
new york is global internet capital; london follows in new globalization statistics
new york is dry april 4
new york is going for the gold
new york is book country posted by
new york is divided into 11 regions for travel and recreation
new york is not going to give up the career
new york is finding out whether there are victims among the russian citizens the russian consulate general in
new york is skyscraper capital of the world
new york is nuked christopher ruddy friday
new york is an accredited branch of the ramakrishna order of india
new york is headed by representatives of the society for the promotion of japanese animation
new york is proud to announce the appearance of mr
new york is gso area 49
new york is the 27th largest state in the usa
new york is just behind december in its color
new york is dedicated to
new york is rich with water resources
new york is having a ball without the snow
new york is 330 miles long and 283 miles wide
new york is about to share a soccer talent with the world 08
new york is 15
new york is great for weekend trek
new york is een begin voor van der sterren
new york is a very old city
new york is about
new york is a brand new
new york is unique in its stance toward taxation on film and television production activity
new york is now available online
new york is here
new york is the only not
new york is not affiliated with any other political party
new york is still new york ­ for the lebanese now more so after sept
new york is a catastrophe
new york is proposing that tesla's birthday
new york is one of the oldest and most respected civil war living history organizations
new york is a subsidiary of auto
new york is book country names new executive director
new york is the first vedanta center in the west founded by swami vivekananda in 1894
new york is a professional organization serving the community of mit alumni in the new york metropolitan region
new york is a family operated
new york is the "city that never sleeps"
new york is 91
new york is first in debt over 37 billion and growing daily
new york is a new york city
new york is enjoying a renaissance
new york is the longest
new york is still the city that never sleeps
new york is now
new york is now ornette coleman
new york is the black rat snake
new york is "invincible"
new york is ‘highly concentrated’
new york is too great a city
new york is a city that people easily fall in love with
new york is only us state to spend more on public transport than on new roads
new york is the place to be each labor day weekend
new york is a place where all the earth's ends meet
new york is situated in manhattan on fifth avenue and 55th street
new york is composed of members descendant in the direct male line from those who lived in the colonies under dutch rule in america
new york is a freshwater fishermans paradise located in upstate
new york is now more convenient with online shopping
new york is a land of outstanding natural beauty


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Incoming Resident

Eugen Radescu will be in residence with apexart October 16 - November 19, 2008. Stay tuned to read more about Eugen's thoughts and experiences as he explores the offerings of New York City.

More about apexart's International Residency Program:
The apexart Residency Program hosts individuals who generally reside outside of the U.S. for a one-month stay in New York City. Up to eight individuals are invited per season. Participants, from different disciplines and at different points in their career, are recommended by noted individuals (critics, museum professionals, artists, etc.) often from their home country who are familiar with their activities and believe their practice could benefit from a non-working visit to New York. Each person taking part in the program is invited to give a public presentation of some kind at apexart in whatever format best suits their practice. Residents are discouraged from production and are encouraged to meet with the many individuals who live and work in NYC who have agreed to be a part of the program.

We provide residents an apartment, airfare, cell phone, computer with internet access, and an extensive list of interesting contacts for them to meet with while they are here. We specifically discourage a promotional orientation to being here and ask the recommender to keep this in mind. Our hope is that the time will be spent visiting, exchanging ideas and taking advantage of New York City's cultural climate. Two primary considerations for participation in our program are that residents be over 30 years of age and have not spent time in New York City. We attempt to have our residents experience activities and individuals who are both relatable and doing substantial work in an effort to inform their work rather than promote it. We are trying to provide a more introspective and academic alternative to the careerism and promotional emphasis that sometimes exists in residency programs.